Why replace dirty, ugly floors? When you can get it cleaned as new. We can make your floors look new again! Our Floor Care service covers a wide range of floor types including tile, quarry, stone, wood, vinyl, concrete to specialty non-slip and epoxy finished floors popular in medical/surgical rooms. Our offers vary from daily cleaning to periodic maintenance. Cleaning Craze has a full line of state-of-the-art floor maintenance equipment. Using high speed burnishers, walk behind automatic floor scrubbers, rotary floor buffers and more, we get the job properly done. Our floor care team stays under training on new floor care technology, techniques and equipment to give our customers and the best results possible.

High-Speed Burnishing: Using the high-speed burnishers, the buffing of finished floors is done. This service helps maintain a ‘wet look’ while helping to eliminate scuff and heel marks.

Machine Cleaning: Using our floor machines or automatic floor scrubbers the cleaning is done by thoroughly scrubbing.

Stripping & Waxing: This process begins as the old wax, dirt and grit are stripped off and grime is build-up down to the bare floor. Then, using a sealant refinishing is done. Refinishing now takes a skilled and knowledgeable individual or individuals to be performed and when done properly, the results are astonishing. Cleaning Craze has stripped/waxed hundreds of thousands of square feet of floors, ranging from retail chains, stores, churches, offices, auto-dealership, clinics, schools, hospitals, banks, new construction and many other residencies and organizations. Trust your floors to the professionals while also protecting your company’s investment and image

According to the service you choose, the floors can be cleaned, scrubbed or stripped. Equipment and products used are entirely professional. Please allow proper drying time of at least 2 hours if a sealant or finish is applied to floors. In addition, only neutral cleaners should be used on any finished (professionally waxed) floors. Once finish is applied to floors there will need to be regular maintenance of sweeping & damp-mopping, machine cleaning, buffing, burnishing, and/or occasional stripping (needed whenever the finish changes colouring, wears, or thins; usually between 1-2 years depending upon the traffic and regular maintenance on the floor. Some locations require even more frequent). Finished floors may also be machine buffed or burnished to enhance the shine and/or remove scuff & heel marks.