We offer full-time cleaning services with a variety of packages to choose from to fit a company’s cleaning specifications and budget. Services we offer range from daily, weekly, monthly, twice daily, twice weekly and three times weekly are all available. Our service packages are personalized toward providing our customers with detailed framework of the services that we offer. This will help the customers to see what exact services they’re getting along with frequencies and money saving too.

We know every building is unique and requires specific cleaning needs. We take our time to completely evaluate the needs of your company and then tailor a cleaning outline/package that makes sense and works for your company. We will work within your budget allotment or provide our detailed proposal that will outline our recommendations accompanied by our price for services to be rendered. For the commercial cleaning services that we offer, routine contract cleaning can be established too.


Regional Area Coverage (any individual facility size for multiple locations:

We have exclusive packages and discounts that are implemented at all locations regardless of the difference in size of each location. We can provide our services to as many locations a customer has if the locations are 50,000 sq. or less.

National Location Coverage Availability (100,000 sq. ft. or more): We can provide our regular cleaning services to businesses with multiple locations within any of the 48 contiguous states. We establish and maintain services for the cleaning needs of each location, and can provide services to as many locations a customer has if each location is at least 100,000 sq. ft.

For some specific location customers, consultancy services are also available. After taking a thorough walkthrough of your location to visualize the exact areas of service, we then develop a cleaning program that meets the specific and each one of your cleaning needs. With our experienced and well trained staff, we will provide you with an honest evaluation of what exactly your site needs or what is favourable for your location.