Our company offers full-time service restroom cleaning for your business. We have services for one-time, regularly scheduled visits, contract cleaning to keep your bathroom tidy and sanitary. Our cleaning experts have specific and effective ways to clean off germs along with all viruses, diseases and bacteria that are present today. Cleaning companies along with other industries need to take a closer look at the basic as well as practical cleaning methods being used in restroom cleaning procedures. One cannot just simply apply cleaning solution on a public restroom and wipe a surface clean thinking it is properly cleaned and is disinfected now… most public restrooms might just look clean but in fact they are not.

Cleaning Craze is set to follow specific industry rules and guidelines to properly clean and disinfect restrooms. There is big chance of cross-contamination to spread, starting in your restrooms if they are not properly disinfected. Proper disinfecting begins with allowing cleaning solutions to do what they are designed to; disinfect, then proceeding to the cleaning and sanitation, we also service many medical facilities who have strict guidelines against cross contamination.

A major part of common workplace illness is the spreading of germs and bacteria. Cleaning craze finds honour in saying that we have received high ratings for helping ambulatory/surgical facilities’ infection rates go down. If you need specific guidelines with cleaning, Cleaning Craze has the experience and just the right techniques to get the job done.